Our 5 Star rated Kennels are heated, well lit and made to the maximum size as per the regulations they can comfortably fit 4/5 dogs in for larger dog families.

We provide plastic beds with Faux fur bedding and a sheet of vet bed and water bowl.

Your Dogs are exercised from 6.30am through till 8.30pm they will go out for at least 4/5 walks per day in one of our 2 acre secure paddocks or go into the indoor Play Barn.

We are regulated by the Animal Welfare Act this ensure’s  we provide your Dogs with enrichment and stimulation whilst in our care, this includes activities from group play, playing Football, Tennis, Agility field, Brain training games, snuffle mats and lots of cuddles and love given throughout every dogs stay.

We will happily administer medication as per your instructions free of charge

We ask you to provide your dogs food for the duration of its stay we hold Breakfast at 8am and Dinner at 4pm

We provide your dog/s with biscuit treats throughout the day and a bedtime biscuit.

We have facilities to store Raw feed.

You do not need to provide bowls, or bedding unless you want to bring it.

We provide fully Qualified competent staff who are also Canine First Aid trained.

Please ensure your dog is provided with a dog lead and collar in good working order, keep your dog on its lead until handed over. Your Dog is your responsibility until we have it inside the secure area.

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